Time: 5 minutes.
~ for breakfast, easy recipe ~

• 1/4 cup of hemp seeeds
• 2 dl lukewarm water
• optional: salt / or  maple syrup

• Mix all ingredients a few minutes in blender.
• Strain through a strainer or nut milk bag, pour into glasses, or cups, and drink.
1. Hemp seeds

                      After completing the blending, hemp milk pour in strainer
                                                         Stir with a spatula
                                                        Continue stir with a spatula
Stir with a spatula or you can use nut milk bag 

2. Other process, second method, but this is not recommended process: hemp grind in a coffee mill and then through a fine sieve, can not strain it well so it is better to use the first method. The first method is safe.

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