Time: 15 minutes.
~ dessert ~

200 grams of cashew nuts
100 grams of fresh strawberries
2 handsful of medjool dates
50 grams of walnuts
1 teaspoon maple syrup
1 fresh lemon rind

For decoration:
1 banana (for decoration)
a few strawberries (for decoration)

For the chocolate sauce:
3 tablespoons cocoa
3 tablespoons maple syrup / or other sweetener
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
a little bit of water
Mix and make the chocolate sauce.

Grind the cashews in a food processor for. Add strawberries, medjool dates, maple syrup, all grind together.
Pour into a wooden bowl, on top put slices cut bananas and strawberries, make two lines of chocolate with spoon, add walnuts and fresh lemon rind.
Eat with a wooden spoon or another.

~ Also this recipe can be made with walnuts, you can use walnuts instead cashew nuts.

~ This sweet dessert can be used as a topping for the cake, when poured over the bark of walnut cake and held some time in pan for the cake in the fridge.

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