Couscous with vegetables

Sweet potato with lettuce

Rolls with humus

Chinese cabbage with peanuts

Tofu With Red Pepper And Spinach

Chickpeas In Cauliflower Sauce With Red Cabbage

Chickpeas with parsley

Chickpeas and avocado

Raw peas and avocado

Creamy soup with mushrooms and oregano

Vegetable Soup

Avocado mousse with red pepper

Potatoes with mushrooms and tomato sauce

Vegan pizza

Couscous with dehydrated pepper

Broccoli With Sunflower

Tortilla chips with avocado mousse

Vegan sausages with chickpeas

Potato sandwich

Green balls in crumbs

Tofu Sticks With Zucchini And Red Pepper

Sweet Potato with spinach and guacamole

Soup zucchini and dill

Green pancakes

Mushrooms & quinoa stuffed peppers

Oyster Mushrooms With Cauliflower