Snack with apple and sunflower

Vegan pancakes with strawberries

Halva with pistachios

Bananas with almond butter

Fruit on a stick

Almond Espresso Rice Milk Butter

Hazelnut Waffles With Mango & Coriander

Chocolate Pasta With Apples And Raisins

Halva ~ easy recipe

Strawberries with raw chocolate

Spread pistachio & avocado

Almond butter

Sesame balls

Raw Sesame Hummus

Raw Corn Chips With Avocado Mousse

Chocolate Halva

Rice cake with chocolate and almonds


Crackers with humus

Vegan mayonnaise

Vegan mayo

Chocolate berets

Raw Carrot Hummus

Homemade Pasta With Walnuts

Buckwheat Bars With Oat Flakes And Cranberry

Mini integral bread with fresh black apples

Chocolate popcorn

Energy bars with chia seeds

Rolls with humus

Buckwheat with medjool sauce

Crunchy Chocolate Buckwheat Bars

Coconut Chips

Sweet Snack With Poppy Seeds

Mini integral bread without baking soda

Spinach chrisps

Waffles with millet flour & oregano

Onion crisps

Sunflower butter with coriander and cinnamon

Celery Sticks With Sunflower Butter

Raw Beetroot Balls

Chocolate Chestnut-Banana Ice Cream